This is the reason, why NVS gives so much importance to GK and Experimental Learning:

Focusing solely on current news and disregarding general knowledge, such as national symbols like the national flower, for your child’s education raises several important considerations. Here are some points to ponder:

  1. Contextual Understanding: General knowledge provides a broader context for understanding current events. Without a foundational understanding of historical, cultural, and geographical aspects, it can be challenging for children to grasp the significance and implications of news events.
  2. Critical Thinking: General knowledge fosters critical thinking skills by allowing children to make connections between different subjects and analyze information more effectively. It helps them ask questions, evaluate sources, and form well-rounded opinions.
  3. Cultural Awareness: National symbols, historical events, and cultural traditions are essential components of a nation’s identity. Understanding these elements fosters cultural awareness, empathy, and a sense of belonging within society.
  4. Educational Development: General knowledge forms the basis for further learning and intellectual growth. It provides a framework upon which children can build more specialized knowledge in various subjects. Neglecting general knowledge may limit their educational development and future opportunities.
  5. Appreciation of Diversity: General knowledge exposes children to diverse perspectives, ideas, and cultures, promoting tolerance and appreciation for diversity. It helps them develop a global mindset, crucial in today’s interconnected world.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the news is a vital source of information, reflecting current events and societal trends. Integrating current news into education can enhance children’s awareness of real-world issues and encourage civic engagement. Thus, a balanced approach that incorporates both general knowledge and current events may be most beneficial for a child’s holistic development.

Ultimately, the decision depends on various factors, including educational philosophy, curriculum objectives, and individual learning styles. It may be useful to strike a balance between general knowledge and current news, ensuring that children receive a well-rounded education that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate an ever-changing world.

Dr. V.P.Suresh D.Litt (Edu) (USA), M.Com. MFM.

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