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Objectives and aspiration of Narayana Vidhyashram school based on a long-term perspective:

• Health First. Education Next.
• Making the students study at world-best University through the most Prestigious Scholarship
• Creating students to crack one of the tough exams in the world.
• Evolve the students to obtain scholarship based on their interest, proficiency and preferences in one of academic, sports and cultural
• Enriching adequate knowledge on the basis of age.

Following are the preparations and paraphernalia organized by our school to achieve goals:

  • Develop attentiveness among students and parents about the Scholarship Examination and Entrance Examination for studying higher education at the world-class university.
  • Creating interest on learning and achievement of getting scholarship among the student
  • Also
    • Designing the best curriculum,
    • Setting advanced teaching methodology,
    • Preparing worksheets and
    • Compose significant evaluation system to succeed in winning the Scholarship
  • Adding more trained and dedicated teachers.
  • Facilitate the students to compete and interact with other success oriented schools students.
  • Create and Renew
    • Separate activity rooms for Language, Maths and Geography
    • Separate Labs for Mechanical, Computer, Botany Lab, Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab, Electric and Electronic
    • Quiz room for General Knowledge
    • Space for handling and demonstration of Tools and Instruments
    • Library having more than 5000 local and foreign author books,
    • AV room with giant size display, projector, and sound system.
    • Art and Craft Room