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Direct admission based on the marks obtained in the previous class or through Admission cum Scholarship Test (ACST)

Course Description

Highlights of foundation course

  • Subject skills
  • Conceptual Knowledge
  • Early- Risers
  • Goal- centric
  • Analytical thinking
  • Recollection
  1. Arrowil provides Foundation Courses from class VI onwards to develop the basic knowledge of the students
  2. We make students early birds in identifying their career through their performance in foundation course
  3. Besides subject knowledge, we impart in students the conceptual knowledge to prepare them for competitive exams (Olympiad, KVPY etc…)

Need for foundation course

Early Riser

Rather than joining the course for competitive exams in class IX and then being introduced to techniques and short- cut methods which creates pressure from all sides, our Foundation Course from Class VI makes students early risers and enjoy learning in a stress free environment

Goal- Oriented

Foundation Course from Class VI helps students to identify their goals, channel their choices and march forward in the right path in a time constructive manner. This avoids deviation from their goals and career at a long run.


Identifying students’ ability and talent in the subject

Based on their interests, we motivate the students towards their goal

With their performance chart from class VI- VIII, we analyze the strength and weakness of the students and thereby categorize them for the needed competitive exams (NEET/ JEE/ Govt. exams)

As an added feature, We guide the students based on the National/New  Education Policy

Through Psychomotor skills and our unique teaching methodology, the above mentioned objectives are achieved by our teachers in identifying students’ interests and goals.