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Language &Skill Development

Field Visits

Handwriting Classes


“Children must be taught how to think not what to think”

Instilling the curiosity in the young minds to question and reason, we take efforts to make students understand that “Learning is fun”.

Approach to subjects

  • LSRW ( Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing)
  • Integration of club activities and syllabus.
  • Dynamic sessions of experiments and activities linked with the subjects.
  • Language and skills development.
  • Field visit.

Curriculum & Objective

  • Curriculum  that provides a strong foundation in the subject that will build and strengthen the knowledge of the student.
  • Besides NCERT’s other board syllabus (Cambridge Assessment International Education – CALE) will also be handled to prepare them for higher grades and improve their quality.
  • This will be achieved through fun- filled learning methods.