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Test Series


  • Pack of unlimited tests designed for practice
  • Improve accuracy through structured practice
  • Help students to evaluate their preparedness for exams
  • Time management in answering each question
  • Test reports give a detailed analysis of the student performance

         Are NEET/ JEE exams round the corner? Feeling like you are at your breaking point? Stay as cool as a cucumber by taking the Test Series provided by Arrowil. Created by our experts, this Test Series Program will work as the best revision tool for students appearing for the exams. Since the questions are exclusively prepared by our experts in various patterns to meet the emerging standards, students stay updated and tuned to various question patterns (Creative, Analytical, conceptual etc..) which helps them to be familiarized with the question types. Thus Arrowil creates a Stress free environment by simulating the exam hall conditions.


Study package

  • Students are provided with meticulously prepared, unmatched study materials, chapterwise question banks and solved question banks created by our experts.
  • These question banks contain latest syllabus of NEET/ JEE. Equal weightage is given to all subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
  • 24 booklets in total- 6 each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology; 240 Daily Practice Papers- 60 each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology- covering all the topics of NEET/ JEE will be provided to the students

Time management

How much time is taken in solving the papers?  Arrowil teaches students to answer the questions in fraction of seconds through short- cut methods. This helps in finishing the paper in time.

Performance Analysis

Analyse the performance- areas of strength and weakness.
Identify one’s areas of improvement.
Bookmark important questions for thorough revision.
Students can work on strengthening their weaker areas through our test series pattern:

• Revision tests
• Mock tests
• Full syllabus tests
• Chapter wise test
• Unit test

Test Patterns

Chapter wise test

  • Multiple tests for each chapters
  •  Detailed step by step doubt clearance on every question

Unit test

  • Unit wise minor tests for progressive assessment
  •  Improve test performance with flag lists. Half- syllabus tests for Class XI & XII

Full syllabus test

  • Assess your preparedness and performance with full syllabus test
  • Full syllabus tests that matches the updated question pattern and difficulty level.