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Integration of syllabus: School board / competitive exams.

Foundation courses.


“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”

A transition period where students must be guided to choose their career, we provide them career guidance program besides the syllabus to encourage their interest and choose the right path.

Approach to subjects

  • Analytical and critical method to subjects.
  • Besides the teacher handling the subject,experts in the field concerned will introduce and discuss the concepets.
  • Strong foundation of subjects is laid through audio –visual modes of learning.

Curriculum & Objective

  • Curriculum  based on Olympiad is  followed.
  • This will enhance student’s understanding and grasp of scientific facts strengthen their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Following Olympiad books and preparing for these exams improves the cognitive abilities and the problem solving skills of the student which are required to face the competitive exams in future as well.

Class 6 / 7 / 8 :

  • Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning
  • Skill development
  • Math / Science ( ISO,IMO,SFO)
  • Achievers section.
  • NTSE – National Talent Search Exam
  • NSTSE – National Science Talent Search Exam
  • JSTSE – Junior Science Talent Search Exam
  • NSO – National Science Olympiad
  • IMO -International Mathematics Olympiad
  • NCO – National Cyber Olympiad
  • IEo – International English Olympiad