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      Ready to see your child in the big picture of Olympics bagging medals? Not just a game of achievements, Shooting is a sport in which the participation has (im)measurable health benefits!! Here’s a brief explanation about shooting sport:

   Shooting different platforms of firearms builds physical discipline, increases the strength and stamina, co-ordinates hands and eyes and develops motor skills.





Stress relief

Arm Strength

Core Strength

Mental Processing

    Shooting relieves stress as one has to put aside other thoughts while handling gun and concentrate on the safety, mental processing and physical skills. This allows an athlete to forget problems and live solely in the moment. It works as a reset button to manage stress!! Learning to shoot is a great way to build confidence and courage which will reflect in many areas of one’s life. Above all behaving responsibly is the core value of gun owners. The rules of gun safety are to be strictly followed on and off the range that it cultivates a mindset of personal protection and moral/ legal benefits that come with it. Thus shooting boosts the mental and physical strength. 

     So let’s play, participate and reach the horizons of your sports dream (in bagging medals at National and International level) together!!