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  • Full body work out, helping with weight loss and overall health fitness
  • Revamps co- ordination and Reflexes
  • Builds on Strength and power
  • Enhances stamina and endurance
  • Improves flexibility

        Karate offers a wide variety of exercises that ameliorates fitness. It is a high aerobic activity that utilizes virtually every muscle group in one’s body. Besides physical fitness, it boosts the mental strength too: raises the level of confidence, patience, concentration and emotional quotient of the individual. Thus Karate helps one to develop a healthy, strong and powerful body.

         Karate focuses on striking moves with open handed techniques. It involves the use of punches, kicking, knee and elbow strikes. One of the most effective methods of self defense, karate becomes a part of an individual’s strength in times of crisis and mishaps. Therefore the purpose of Karate is “This traditional art isn’t just for self- defense, but also great for one’s overall health and well being” Discover its benefits by joining the course!!