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About the exams

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”

       Equal to Medicine and Engineering, government jobs generate cornucopia of chances in accomplishing one’s career choices. With baggage full of benefits, these government jobs are either one’s dream in fulfilling their service to society or a work that gives them job security. A field that avoids brain drain and empowers the nation in a multi- faceted way, government jobs give students an opportunity to work for the welfare of the society who can become the part of the change that everyone dream for!! But before drawing conclusion about this career, both parents and students stand perplexed with the endless list of government jobs.

      Arrowil brings to you all the facilities to think, choose and finalise your dream of getting placed in government sectors with the help of Counselors who are Incumbent Officers and Personnel, at an early stage. Rather than starting one’s preparation after graduation by joining Institutes and Academies, we offer coaching to the young minds right from Grade VI. Passion and interest of the student is identified by subjecting them to Career Guidance Program. From this, students are screened for various competitive exams (Central/ State Government Exams) and training suitable to student’s skills and talent is given.

Turning over a new leaf and as a first step, Arrowil provides coaching from the scratch in the following ways:

  • First and foremost, we introduce the guidelines and syllabus to the students and make them understand the weightage of the exam. This gives a clear mind map for the students to grasp the concepts than mere rote learning.
  • The habit of reading newspaper regularly will be inculcated in the students
  • As students progress in reading newspapers, coaching is taken to next level by involving them in discussions and debates.
  • Besides newspaper reading, subject books are also discussed and analysed which form the core of exam syllabus:

NCERT           – Central government exams (Eg: UPSC)

Samacheer       – State government exams (Eg: TNPSC)

  • Aptitude, logical reasoning and comprehension based concepts are also taught which form a part of government exams.

Need for Government jobs

Change makers of the society

Pension/ Allowances/ Benefits

Job security

Avoid brain drain

Contribute to Nation's development

  • Job Security
  • Good Salary
  • Perks and bonuses
  • Fixed working hours
  • Increment
  • Promotion
  • Medical benefits
  • Retirement life benefits
  • UPSC Civil services (Includes 24 Services)
  • SBI PO (Probationary Officer) Examination
  • IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) Examination
  • RBI Grade B Examination
  • SSC CGL Examination
  • RRB Examination
  • Defense Examination

     The list of exams provided here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more exams, vacancies for various posts and wide job opportunities. For better understanding of the exams, here we have explained the exam pattern and syllabus of the exams, one each from Central Government (UPSC) and State Government (TNPSC Group I) Examinations.