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     Looking at getting into horse riding? Here‘s a quick introduction about the sport and some of its health and fitness benefits!!

       Horse riding is one of the funniest and most effective ways to get your kids become more physically active. As this sport requires the body to fully utilize the core muscles, thighs and pelvic muscles to keep balance on the horse, it is a great isometric exercise. This helps to maintain a good level of muscle tone and flexibility. From a physical development side, horse riding improves balance and motor co-ordination, hand- eye co- ordination, core strength and muscular development. Besides these, horse riding enhances academic achievements and boosts confidence in following ways:

Improves cognitive abilities

Brain- based skills may lead to enhanced learning, memory and problem solving

Develops children’s learning ability

Activates sympathetic nervous system

Boosts students’ self- confidence and self- assurance

Great work- out for both mind and body; physically boosts the cardio- vascular system and eases the stress in the mind.