Mission and Vision

    Objectives and aspiration of Narayana Vidhyashram school based on a long-term perspective:

    Health First. Education Next.
    Making the students study at world-best University through the most Prestigious Scholarship
    Creating students to crack one of the tough exams in the world.
    Evolve the students to obtain scholarship based on their interest, proficiency and preferences in one of academic, sports and cultural
    Enriching adequate knowledge on the basis of age.

    Following are the preparations and paraphernalia organized by our school to achieve goals:

Develop attentiveness among students and parents about the Scholarship Examination and Entrance Examination for studying higher education at the world-class university.

Creating interest on learning and achievement of getting scholarship among the student


    o Designing the best curriculum,
     o Setting advanced teaching methodology,
     o Preparing worksheets and
     o Compose significant evaluation system to succeed in winning the Scholarship

Adding more trained and dedicated teachers.

Facilitate the students to compete and interact with other success oriented schools students.

Create and Renew

     o Separate activity rooms for Language, Maths and Geography
     o Separate Labs for Mechanical, Computer, Botany Lab, Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab, Electric and Electronic
     o Quiz room for General Knowledge
     o Space for handling and demonstration of Tools and Instruments
     o Library having more than 5000 local and foreign author books,
     o AV room with giant size display, projector, and sound system.
     o Art and Craft Room